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The Man Who Burned The Book Recitation At Oxford University Islamic Society

Mushtaq The Ice Cream Man

Let me share with you a tale About the man Mushtaq Who used to run an ice cream van Along the wide South Bank They never found his body When it crackled into flames Sinking to the belly of the melancholy Thames

Mind The Gap

When A Poet of Tipperary Tried to Outdo Al Busiri!

. Once there was a poet Who hailed from Tipperary One day he said: “I know what I’ll do I’ll be the new Busiri! I am going to be the one and only I am going to be a star Muslims from all around will cheer This is the new burda!

When Terry And June Found Sukoon

. Terry and June, the notorious two scorned and reviled by their neighbours husband and wife, walking trouble and strife abhorred for their deplorable behaviour! . As they stumbled and screeched down the sanctimonious street, embroiled in a boiling domestic: “You’re a lousy liar! You’re a rotten two-timer!” “Stop whining you wench! You make me […]