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Poetic Prayers: O Lord

By Novid Shaid, 2005 . Help me in my desperate plight, O Lord, The world is wrestling with my heart, O Lord, Dragging me down an abyss, O Lord, Desiring to suppress my light, O Lord, So rescue me from my poor plight, My Dear Lord. .

Poetic Prayers: A Prayer For Dark Days

by Novid Shaid, 2011 . O Allah! Lord of the brightest mornings and the darkest nights! Lord of our terrible times and the moments of our greatest delights! O Allah! Protect us in these dark days of murder and strife Wrap us in Your love, with Your cloak of security and might!

For Our Mothers and Fathers

by Novid Shaid, 2011 For Our Fathers . Like a roof, giving shelter from the cold, Like foundations, shouldering the weight of his household, Like a candle, lighting up his family’s world, Like cement, binding us together with a firm hold, is our father .

They Will Live On

By Novid Shaid . For the martyred innocents of the Arab Spring . They will live on and thrive Dressed in the raiment of true freedom Dwelling where they please without pain or fear They will live on and prosper Untouchable, undisturbed

A Prayer: Thank You! Oh Lord, Allah

Novid Shaid, January, 2011 . Oh You, without form Ar Rahman, Ar Raheem Unlike all we imagine Free of error and need. . Oh Lord! As I witness this world On the spellbinding screen Showing pain and suffering Worse than I could ever dream. .

A Prayer: The Promised Land

By Novid Shaid, December, 2010 . Oh Lord, I cling on to the rocks of your sacred path, dangling over the bottomless abyss of my capricious soul,

Shade Us By Your Throne, O Lord

When the Sun is two bows’ length, When the heat will not subside . Shade us by Your Throne, O Lord Shade us by Your Throne. . On the day the Horn erupts While the living ones devise . Shade us by Your throne O Lord, Shade us by Your throne. . When the Trump […]

Poetic Prayer In Response to The Hadith Qudsi, “Ya Ibaadi” Hadith Number 24, Arbaeen Nawawiyya

Novid Shaid, 2003 Oh Allah! Oh everlasting King! Oh heirless Emperor! Oh Sovereign! Oh You, who has forbidden oppression For yourself, and outlawed transgression.