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The Illegal Lover

He fled from Aleppo From the snipers and war His mother and father They perished before

The Man Who Burned The Book Recitation At Oxford University Islamic Society

Never Again, They Said

Never again, will it happen, they said Never again, will the Nazis purge, they said Never again, will the children of Israel grieve, they said Never again will we sit by While they use their poisoned words, they said While they call them vermin, rats and traitors, they said While they spread their hate and […]

Mushtaq The Ice Cream Man

Let me share with you a tale About the man Mushtaq Who used to run an ice cream van Along the wide South Bank They never found his body When it crackled into flames Sinking to the belly of the melancholy Thames

Ramadan Poem

Ramadan is a month of fasting From dawn to dusk every day The rewards of which are everlasting We observe our fast and we pray Ramadan is the month of the Holy Quran In this month God revealed His revelation We read the Quran full of patience and calm And we feel our souls’ elevation

Mind The Gap

And Yusuf Was His Name….

I’m your Venus, I’m your fire, at your desire- Shocking Blue   Venus came across a man Gazing with her crystal eyes Burning like a silver flame Yearning with desire She’s got it, yeah baby she’s got it I’m your Venus, I’m your fire At your desire   This stranger looked into her face Her […]

When A Poet of Tipperary Tried to Outdo Al Busiri!

. Once there was a poet Who hailed from Tipperary One day he said: “I know what I’ll do I’ll be the new Busiri! I am going to be the one and only I am going to be a star Muslims from all around will cheer This is the new burda!

How Can You Love Muhammad So Much?

How can you love Muhammad so much? How can you show such devotion? What do you see in this Arabian? Why does he stir your emotions? All we have heard is his harem of wives Included the little girl Aisha We hear of his call for Islamic jihad And his Quran so hard to decipher. […]

Seven Nufus Were On The Loose

. Seven nufus were on the loose One day from Ramadan They met in Sousse for some couscous Before the maghrib azaan. .