Prayers on the Prophet for the Night Journey

Oh Allah send Your prayers and peace upon him

And upon his companions and kin

By the number of pearls of sweat on al buraq

Which cascaded as the sage ascended him

By the number of prayers the rider invoked

And the flutters of wings of his companions

By the number of sand stones at Al Aqsa

Which intoned his praise as he dismounted

By the number of Prophets that humbly stood

As the chosen one led with equilibrium

And the number of contours in the rock

And the streams of wind as the travellers took off

By the number of times the wise one was hailed

By each Prophet as the levels he scaled

And the number of shimmering branches on Al Muntaha

Ad infinitum they communed Lover and Beloved

From the day You made this life

To the end when we arise

Every day a thousand times!




Prayers On The Prophet: Part Two


Allah bless him and grant him peace.


A Humble Homage To Ad Dalaailul Khayraat: Part Two


For Shaykh Ahmed Babikr and the Saturday Night Dalaail*


In the name of Allah Most Gracious Most Kind

Verily Allah and His Holy Angels on high

Send prayers upon our Prophet, most noble and divine

So invoke peace and blessings which forever multiply

O you who truly believe in His signs.


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Prayers on the Prophet: Part One

Allah bless him and grant him peace, by Novid Shaid

February, 2011, Rabbi Al Awwal, 1432


A humble homage to Al Dalailul Khayrat Part One


Oh Lord, send Your peace and blessings ad infinitum,

upon Our Master and Liege Lord Muhammad,

whose face glows like the full moon,

whose smile dispels anguish and gloom

with locks like strands of silk woven from a heavenly loom

with eyes penetrating, and radiating certitude

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