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Rolling, rolling, rolling Keep them barrels rolling Keep countries invading RAW OIL!

A Message From Tomorrow

Dear Saddam, Bashar and Muammar, I’ve drifted back from tomorrow To tell you what will be There’s still time to make things right There’s still time to turn around Before your worlds will plummet Into the raging sewers of hell.

The Rise of Trump and Baghdadi

A New Yorker called Donald Trump With Latinos and Muslims, he had the hump! For him all the Latinos were a bunch of druggies And Muslims were a national security worry. He’d flick his quiff and pick and sniff While screaming firebrand speeches The Muslims angered him so much He’d go all pink like peaches!

The Delirious Derailing of Mullah Khan’s De-Radicalization

. Mullah Khan, the irrepressible zealot and his sons, had been forced to attend the first ever de-radicalization programme, sanctioned and championed by none other than the British Prime Minister himself, Davis Cameroon.  Khan and his sons were deemed social menaces with their firebrand Islamism, their desperation for Britain to become an Islamic state, their […]

The Old Man And His Children

. The greatest trick the devil plays on man is to make him believe he is free. . Far away in the hills, there lived this big, proud old man, with his wife and many young children. This man was larger than life, extremely generous and caring to his dependants, but at times he could […]

Coz I Live In A Tough Neighbourhood!

. “We live in a tough neighbourhood.” Benjamin Netanyahu . You think I am some tyrant No, you’ve misunderstood! Coz where I strut, you gotta be a hardnut! I live in a tough neighbourhood! .

The Speech

By Novid Shaid, 2011 . The chairman stood upon the podium, grinning at the seated gentlemen, who sat around their tables which were arranged in their ceremonial shape, and began: “My dear colleagues and friends! I would like to welcome you to this historic, inaugural Greedlibb conference, which I am confident will develop through the […]


By Novid Shaid, May, 2011 . Presenting events like a melodrama or soap Rousing the masses against an abominable terror Offloading opinions disguised as facts and info Promoting a world view pervasively, drip by drip Anchoring key words with an infamous persona Generating a narrative against a villain so big Alarming the populace with growing […]

If The Man On The Moon Were A Mozlem

By Robert Warrenjehad  Denser and Anna Arabaiter Cooltar If the man on the moon were a Mozlem! Why, I sure wouldn’t be so surprised. Coz everywhere you step in our nation There be mosques and their holy cries! . We let them into our blessed borders, Gave em chances that they never woulda got. Coz […]

The Man Who Loved To Burn The Book

Novid Shaid, September, 2010 Once there was a man, who yearned to burn a book, which millions loved; it was their special book, its verses had some of them completely hooked; they were delighted by just a momentary look. .