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La Ilaha Illalah!

By Novid Shaid, 2011 (based on the famous Arabic qasida) . Sing it with sincere ardour! Drink it in with cheer and fervour! The authentic formula! La ilaha illalah! .

For The Path

By Novid Shaid, 2011 . Oh Allah thanks and praise be! For Your tremendous bounties For the path which You conceived Which leads us to Your Beauty! . Chorus: La ilaha illalah .

Qul Ya Azeem!

Interpretation by Novid Shaid, 2011 . Qul Ya Azeem! Antal Azeem! Qad Hammana! Hammul azeem! Wa qullu shayin hammana! Yahunu bismika Ya Azeem . Resting on earth Living so free There lies a man Content in poverty Nowhere to turn Nowhere to hide Raising his hands, He calls to the sky . Chorus: Qul Ya […]

An Ode to The Hadra, By Novid Shaid, 2011

Soaring past the stars Plunging through the seas Drowning all who join The Hadra sets them free . Everlasting Lights! Surround them and unite! .