Poetic Prayer In Response to The Hadith Qudsi, “Ya Ibaadi” Hadith Number 24, Arbaeen Nawawiyya

Novid Shaid, 2003

Oh Allah! Oh everlasting King!

Oh heirless Emperor! Oh Sovereign!

Oh You, who has forbidden oppression

For yourself, and outlawed transgression.

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Remember To Read The Instructions

by Novid Shaid, 2004


In a place you might know

Not a long while ago

There lived a young fellar named Nigel.


He possessed a wry grin

And a stubbly chin

And his friends would savour his arrival

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When Mummy and Daddy Go To Sleep…

By Novid Shaid

When mummy and daddy go to sleep, I am still awake. Awake and alone in my bed.  I haven’t got a brother or sister; I’m an only child, but I’m not sad about that. My parents love me lots and lots. I know I’m lucky to have such wonderful parents, and I do get to play with friends at school and outside in my area.

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