Our Love

By Novid Shaid, Ramadan, 2010

O You, who love to demonize

our Prophet, Nabi Muhammad,

know this:

that we love him more

than you love your own identities.


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Are You Lonesome Tonight?

Novid Shaid, 2003, Copyright

Are you lonesome tonight?
Are you friendless tonight?
Is your world fractured apart?
Has your love turned and fled?
Has your loyal heart bled?
It’s not worth living, apart.

Shall I show you a friend?
Recommend you a friend?
Your woes, His love will consume
And His veil He will rend,
And His charms have no end,
His warmth will comfort your gloom.

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Ramadan Poem

by Novid Shaid, August, 2010

When the crescent revealed its heavenly smile

The spirit of Layla suddenly brushed past me.

I stood entranced as she whispered in my ear

Give up your food and water just for me

And shed your sins, and multiply your prayers

Then I will follow you wherever you may go,

I’ll breathe a breeze of love into your heart,

Be still and remember I am your special friend.

The Feasts Of Ramadan

By Novid Shaid, 1997


Rumbling bellies, parched mouths,

Searing scents wafting from our breaths,

Empty lunch trays, dizzy spells.

These familiar images appeared in our heads

as our Maulvi announced the good news

the sighting of the moon

and the beginning of a blessed month.

We braced ourselves

and prepared our minds, envisaging

Thirty days of fasting,

our stomachs hollow from dawn to dusk.

We knew the feeling,

our Mothers’ gentle nudges before dawn,

our early cups of tea and large breakfasts,

And that solemn utterance of signing our fast,

“And I intend to fast tomorrow”.

We could see ahead,

The anticipation for the setting sun,

The heavenly feeling

of mango juice coating our abandoned throats,

The community united in the mosque for Taraweeh prayer,

The rowdy lot sniggering in the back rows,

The marathon rakats on Layla Tul Qadr,

Oh and of course our prize at the finish line

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Hard Times, Hard Truths

by Novid Shaid, 2006


Can’t you hear me?

Can’t you see my distress?

Can’t you do anything?

Do you really even care?

When will you stop all this?

When will it end?

When you will make things right?

Can’t you see their pain?

Can’t you hear their cries?

Can’t you see they’re in despair?

It’s all a mess!

It’s all unfair!

It’s all just hypocrisy!

I need justice!

I want the truth!

I want revenge!

Are you even there?

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Shade Us By Your Throne, O Lord

When the Sun is two bows’ length,
When the heat will not subside


Shade us by Your Throne, O Lord
Shade us by Your Throne.


On the day the Horn erupts
While the living ones devise


Shade us by Your throne O Lord,
Shade us by Your throne.


When the Trump is blown again
And the souls are unified,
On the day the Trump summons
All that are and all that were,
Naked, sweating, trembling
None can flee the summoning,


Shade us by Your throne O Lord
Shade us by Your throne.

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