Once there was an ex-Muslim

His name: Faheem Kazeem

He loved his England so so much

He yearned to serve the queen

On the streets and on the news

And in his party meetings

He’d have his fellows roaring out

And thousands with his Tweeting

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Confessions Of A Phone Addict

Oh help me please, I’m an addict!

I’m suffering, all alone

It’s not some drugs or the cigarettes

I just can’t get off my phone!

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An Ode To Nikki Haley

Nikki Haley, I’m your friend,
Coz you’re such a smarty!
Your policies, I will never offend
So can I come to your party?
I’d love to eat some Trumpy treats!
With Zionists so hearty!
I just ordered a confederate flag
So can I come to your party?
I’d love to sit with piles of wit
Like you and Netanyahu
And see if you can pronounce the names of
Honduras, Palau and Togo.
You kicked ass in the UN
You cussed them like a yardie
One hundred and twenty-eight lost out
Coz they can’t come to your party!
Don’t worry I won’t shame you up
Or refer to you as Nimrata
I’ll hang upon your every word
Like Geeta, you’re my Rama!
Hanging out with you and Trump
It’s like being on safari!
Your policies I can not offend
Let me come to your party!!!

Never Again, They Said

Never again, will it happen, they said

Never again, will the Nazis purge, they said

Never again, will the children of Israel grieve, they said

Never again will we sit by

While they use their poisoned words, they said

While they call them vermin, rats and traitors, they said

While they spread their hate and theories, they said

About their faith and about their intentions, they said

While they say the Jews are treacherous, they said

While they prepare the ground for the gassings and rapes

While their poison works through the public’s veins, they said

While their headlines and stories purvey the hate, they said

While their propaganda blinds the masses, they said

Never again will such hatred breed, they said

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Ramadan Poem

Ramadan is a month of fasting

From dawn to dusk every day

The rewards of which are everlasting

We observe our fast and we pray

Ramadan is the month of the Holy Quran

The month of God’s revelation

We read the Quran full of patience and calm

And we feel our souls’ elevation

In the morning, we rise for an early meal

We call it suhoor or sehri

Porridge and fruit so no hunger we feel

And yoghurt, some toast and berries.

Then all through the day we continue our fast

No eating, not even any drinking

So slowly and gently the time seems to pass

Eventually our bodies sync in

During our fasting in our Ramadan

The point is to be a better person

Our actions should conjure patience and charm

We should promote our better version

The actions, the fasting, the praying this month

Should make us become inspired people

The hunger we feel should provoke gratitude

Our thirst should make us better people

In the evening upon the repose of the sun

We open our fast with dates and water

Our hearts are so glad and enriched with the food

Our throats are enhanced with flowing water

Then after iftar the evening supper

We observe some special prayers

Taraweeh, a cycle of eight or twenty

Exquisite verses we hear

In the final ten days, we increase in our prayers

We believe these days are really blessed

The night of power counts for one thousand months

The mercy of God is our lesson

Then upon the appearance of the crescent moon

We rejoice on the night of joyful Eid

The families exult and prepare lovely food

There’s sweets, offerings and lovely mehndi

I hope I have told you about Ramadan

In some clear and engaging poetry

And now I am off to adjust my alarm

Soon I’ll be waking really early!

And Yusuf Was His Name….

I’m your Venus, I’m your fire, at your desire- Shocking Blue


Venus came across a man

Gazing with her crystal eyes

Burning like a silver flame

Yearning with desire

She’s got it, yeah baby she’s got it

I’m your Venus, I’m your fire

At your desire


This stranger looked into her face

Her beauty encompassing the view

But looking beyond her, he was

Just like no-one else had

He’s got it, yeah baby, he’s got it

I am Yusuf, I desire Al Ma’rifa

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