A Message From Tomorrow

Dear Saddam, Bashar and Muammar,
I’ve drifted back from tomorrow
To tell you what will be
There’s still time to make things right
There’s still time to turn around
Before your worlds will plummet
Into the raging sewers of hell.

A fire has begun to smoulder
A stench is rising from below
If you miss the whiff of it
If you don’t extinguish it
If you don’t act this very moment
Hell is on its way to you.
Power stirs your hearts
Legacy haunts your dreams
Wealth wraps you like a queen
Prestige drives your carriages
You’re living in a fantasy
But waiting beyond your sight
Lurks a fire burning and bold
It yearns for blood; it yearns for bones,
It yearns for innocent homes.
Wake up and smell the air
Realise that things aren’t right
Change the course and see yourself
In the mirror of your soul.
A million deaths await you
A sea of babies swells
A suffocating abyss of woe
Awaits your subjects and your foes.
You can’t deny my words dear sirs
For I know of what will be
I come back to advise you sirs
To show your tragedies.

Dear Oil man,
Dear Weapon man,
Dear Military Minister,
Dear Medicine Man,
Dear Mercenary Man,
Dear Consultant, Dear Spymaster,
I come to give you the good news
You’re going to be rich!
The mother of all windfalls
Is about to fall in your laps!
There’ll be tons of opportunities
The money will not stop
Business will triple and increase
Best times for you ahead!
But in those days, those happy days,
There’s just one little glitch.
You’re going to turn the middle-east
Into a storm of serious shit!
The cash will flow,
The blood will flow
Profit will rise,
Death tolls will rise,
Contracts will run,
Cities will be ruined,
A million men will win their riches
A million children will lose their innocence
So just remember these essential words
Because I come from the land of tomorrow
You’re going to make a ton of money
But you’re also going to create a ton of sorrow
When you sleep at night surrounded
By your women and your booze
A baby will be sleeping
Surrounded by dead limbs
I can not safely tell you
If you’ll ever feel true peace
If you’ll ever recover
From the death of your conscience
And the poisoning of your hearts.
So make your choice dear sirs
Make your choices
Heaven waits above, way above
Beyond selfish dreams
Hell waits below, close by
Tickling your knees.

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1 thought on “A Message From Tomorrow

  1. Well written sir.

    A million men will win their riches
    A million children will lose their innocence

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