Punish A Muslim: Punish A Kaafir

Punish a Muslim!
Give em all a kick!
Coz we want Britain
To go back to British!
Punish a Muslim!
But wait let’s not hurry…
Leave all of the useful ones
That make us all the curry!

Punish a Muslim!
Boot em in the jacksie!
But mind, leave the working ones
That drive us in the taxis!

Punish a Muslim!
Rip up their hijabs
But leave off all them legends
Who feast us with kebabs!

Punish a Muslim!
Those bloody burka ninjas!
But hang about a tonne of them
Treat us when we’re injured

Punish a Muslim!
Burn up all their books
But keep the ones that teach us
With our Maths and Science books

Punish a Muslim!
Punish just the pervos
Keep the ones who’re good for us
But throw out all the weirdos!

Punish a Muslim!
Punish all the pervos
But careful when you’re doing that
Coz some of us are paedos…

Punish a kaafir!
Punish the infidels!
We are the best, the guided ones
And they’re going to hell!

Punish a kaafir!
And punish the moderates!
Punish all those sell-outs
Who don’t call for khilafat

Punish a kaafir!
Reject all that they teach!
But leave off all the ministers
That give us freedom of speech

Punish a kaafir!
And all their dirty features!
But leave off all the useful ones
The doctors and the teachers

Punish a kaafir!
They’re dirty like their pork!
But don’t punish the workers
Who give us our passports

Punish a Muslim!
Punish the kaafireen!
Don’t punish your ignorance
Nor your hatred so obscene

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