You Can Bomb Us


You can bomb us from the land, the air and rolling sea!
You can bomb us while we sit at home with a cup of tea!
You can bomb us in the markets and in the dusty lanes!
You can bomb us on the sandy beach and promenade!
You can bomb us even if we are just little kids!
You can bomb us even if we’re old and invalids!
You can bomb our houses, bomb our schools and hospitals!
You can bomb our sheep, our goats, our tents and cute kittens!
We will build our homes, our schools, our parks, our roads again!
We will fill our markets, fill our shops and streets again!
We will grow our crops and feed our goats and sheep again!
We will shed a tear for those of us you killed again!
We will bury them in the searing earth and soil again!
We will live our lives in the flattened streets and dust again!
You can bomb us, maim us, starve us, leaving carcasses!
We will build and grow and thrive and gain our right, JUSTICE!

The March Of The Gazan Babies


While the rank and file of defiant Hamas

Locked down the city for imminent attack

While the suffering mothers of the Gaza strip

Gathered up their brood for a perilous trip

While the tanks and the trucks of the IDF

Charged along the highway like a crazed express

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