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Never Again, They Said

Never again, will it happen, they said Never again, will the Nazis purge, they said Never again, will the children of Israel grieve, they said Never again will we sit by While they use their poisoned words, they said While they call them vermin, rats and traitors, they said While they spread their hate and […]

A Message From Tomorrow

Dear Saddam, Bashar and Muammar, I’ve drifted back from tomorrow To tell you what will be There’s still time to make things right There’s still time to turn around Before your worlds will plummet Into the raging sewers of hell.

The March Of The Gazan Babies

. While the rank and file of defiant Hamas Locked down the city for imminent attack While the suffering mothers of the Gaza strip Gathered up their brood for a perilous trip While the tanks and the trucks of the IDF Charged along the highway like a crazed express